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How to make more money at exhibitions

Are you sceptical about the value of exhibitions, or face to face marketing generally? Perhaps you should be – there is good reason to think that the cost of a new customer unearthed at an exhibition is nearly £2,500. It sounds a lot, but a review of the available evidence conducted this year suggests it is realistic. 

When does it make sense to invest this amount and does it have to be this high? Is there something clever, beyond simple cost cutting, that would bring the figure down?

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In this White Paper you will learn:

  • Leads from exhibitions are valuable – they can reduce the cost of closing a sale by 30%.
  • But the cost per lead can be high – £236 per lead on one survey analysis.
  • If the cost of converting the lead to a customer is factored in, the cost per new customer is approaching £2,500.
  • Strategies for reducing the cost per lead by as much as 91%.

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