Mindball Mindfulness Days

The perfect introduction to mindfulness at work

The Mindball Mindfulness Day is the perfect way for you to introduce the concept of mindfulness at work – either as a standalone event or as part of a larger wellbeing programme.

Mindfulness is an important tool in the fight against workplace stress, but people can be reluctant to engage with it. Because Mindball is a game you will find that your colleagues want to have a go and will quickly learn to access mindful states easily and without any esoteric baggage.

The day has two components. The first part uses Mindball Game – a 2-player version of the Mindball technology – to encourage people to have a go. This quickly takes on its own momentum as staff realise it is easy and fun. Within a couple of games it becomes evident to players that they have much more control over their levels of calm and focus (core attribute of mindfulness) than they had imagined.

Mindball is the perfect way to introduce mindfulness at work

Mindball is the perfect way to introduce mindfulness at work

With this introductory phase completed, we then offer participants the chance to play with the single player Mindball Trainer. With 10 game levels Mindball Trainer allows people to play on their own and discover how to achieve ever-greater states of relaxation and focus. Mindball Trainer is based on the same underlying EEG-feedback technology used in Mindball Game, with the difference that there is no opponent. This allows players to progress at a pace that suits them.

We find that most players will be able to achieve level 1 fairly quickly, with many going on to achieve levels 4 or 5 or even beyond.

Fully facilitated – leaving you free to concentrate on running your event

We provide two experienced facilitators – one for each piece of equipment – who will encourage participation, show the players what to do and provide tips and encouragement along the way. If you want to introduce a prize – for example, for the player who achieves the highest Mindball Trainer level in the shortest time – we will manage this for you as well. We take care of all the logistics and will set up and dismantle the equipment as well.

The investment for a Mindball Mindfulness Day is just £790 plus VAT and mileage.* We recommend you have 2 monitors available to increase the audience’s enjoyment – any VGA connectable monitor will work with Mindball.

* Mileage is calculated from LU4 8EL (out and back, fastest road distance as defined by Google maps) at 30p per mile (min £100 charge).



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