Mindball for Wellbeing Events

A fun, effective demonstration of how to recognise and defuse stress

Talking to your staff about stress is one thing – showing them how to recognise and defuse it is another. That’s why Mindball is so effective at wellbeing events. “Mindball is the perfect way to show people what stress feels like and how to manage it”, said Michaela Halse at Finlays (part of the Swire Group) after organising a recent wellbeing event in London.

Mindball was the star at the Finlays wellbeing event

Mindball was the star at the Finlays wellbeing event

Mindball is a unique table-top ball game that responds to the players’ stress levels. The faster you get your stress under control, the more likely you are to score a goal and win the game. So it quickly shows you what stress feels like, even at low levels, and how to deal with it.

Because it’s a game, Mindball events are fun and non-threatening. People are keen to take part and learn in the best, fastest way possible – through play. And after a few games people see that there are simple steps they can take to reduce their stress levels – steps that responsible employers can encourage with further measures.

We also offer Mindball Mindfulness Days for clients wanting to focus on the benefits of mindfulness for combating stress.

Why employers need to take stress seriously

Stress in the workplace is a growing problem for employers. It can be a significant cause of illness and is known to be linked with high levels of absence, staff turnover and errors. It can hit anyone at any level of the business and research shows that it is widespread and not confined to particular sectors, jobs or industries.

All employers are naturally concerned about the health of their employees. But there are also financial and legal risks of not dealing with workplace stress. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the benefits to employers of dealing with stress are:

  • Lower risks of litigation
  • Improved return on investment in training and development
  • Improved customer care and relationships with clients and suppliers
  • Reduced costs of sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and recruitment.

Perfect for wellbeing events

If you are organising or considering a wellbeing event and want to make stress management a core part of your programme, Mindball is a fun, effective way to show your colleagues how to recognise and defuse it. Prices start at just £225 – why not reserve your dates now with our no-commitment, no pre-payment calendar now?

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