How does it work?

Looking for a proven crowd puller?

Mindball is unique – a game like no other. That’s why it it is a crowd puller – people have to see what is going on.

So how does it work? Mindball is electronic Zen table football. Really.

Two players, wearing special headbands, stand at either end of the Mindball table. The signal from the headbands tells the game which of the two players is more relaxed and more focussed, by identifying the player with the lower frequency, more regular brain wave pattern. The game’s software is programmed to reward the calmer player by moving a small ball along the central track towards their opponent’s goal.

The audience can see that it’s for real, because if a player loses concentration for even a second – by laughing maybe – the ball will immediately change direction. And there is a monitor* displaying graphs of the two players’ brain activity in real-time , reinforcing the point that Mindball is scientific, not a gimmick. If you’re interested in the scientific stuff behind the game (EEG feedback), we’ve included some short background – just follow the link.

Some Mindball videos…

Eureka! RTÉ2 (Ireland) CloudExpo 2016 London
Glasgow Science Centre Mindball on ABC TV (USA)
Mindball on CBC (Canada) Mindball at Swedish expo
Mindball at various expos
 * monitor not provided – Mindball is compatible with any VGA connected monitor

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