Mindball stars at Perkins Engines Health Fayre

Mindball made many new fans at Perkins Engines in Stafford in June as part of a “Health Fayre” organised by Hampton Knight, the occupational health and wellbeing specialist.

Perkins Engines, part of the Caterpillar Group, is one of the world’s leading providers of diesel and gas engines. It employees about 600 people at its Stafford manufacturing site and takes their health and wellbeing very seriously. The Health Fayre was a 1 day event capturing various aspects of a healthy lifestyle, ranging from sport, food, drug advice, mental health, hospice care and blood pressure monitoring.

20160629_103320Mindball was selected for the event as a demonstration of the power we have to deal with stress naturally. After playing Mindball, people can see that they can defuse stress relatively easily without the need for medication or other aids such as alcohol.

Over the day about 200 staff either played or watched Mindball, with many coming back multiple times to challenge their friends.  “It was an incredibly busy day”, said Mindball’s Sean Gough. “There was a constant stream of employees coming through the Fayre and it felt like most of them wanted to try Mindball! The game is a lot of fun and it doesn’t take long for people to start challenging their colleagues to a game.”


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