Mindball in Massachusetts

Mindball is the star attraction in new Berkshire Museum exhibit

Mindball is the star attraction at the Berkshire Museum's Hall of Innovation

Mindball is the star attraction at the Berkshire Museum’s Hall of Innovation : Stephanie Zollshan — The Berkshire Eagle

Mindball is the star attraction at the newly reopened Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation at Berkshire Museum, Massachusetts, USA, according to a report in The Berkshire Eagle.

The Eagle points out that the Berkshire Museum exhibit is the only game of its kind in Massachusetts that will be available to the public, so if you are in that area it’s a great opportunity to try it out.

The launch day was a great success according to Lesley A. Beck, museum director of communications. “We actually had tournaments going on through the course of the day.”

“It’s an interesting magic that’s happening,” Berkshire Museum Director of Curatorial Affairs and Collections Maria Mingalone said. “It’s a fun spectator sport as well,” she said. “People seemed to love it. We had parents challenging their own children all day.”

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