Mindball at Finlays well-being day

Mindball was the star at the Finlays wellbeing event

Mindball was the star at the Finlays wellbeing event

Mindball was a big hit on 28 April at Finlays, the world’s largest independent tea importer and part of the global Swire Group, as part of a well-being event organised to mark The World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

This is an annual campaign by the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO) to promote safe, healthy and decent work. The campaign has a different theme every year, which for 2016 was “Workplace Stress: a collective challenge”.

“Mindball is the perfect way to show people what stress feels like and how to manage it.” Michaela Halse, Finlays

Helping staff to recognise and deal with stress is an increasingly important part of corporate responsibility. Finlays’ Corporate Affairs team was keen to participate in the UN campaign as part of its drive to give a greater emphasis to workplace health and safety issues.

After considering a variety of options for its event, Finlays selected Mindball as the focal point in its stress management message. Michaela Halse at Finlays was part of the team responsible for organising the event. “We were looking for a way to get people engaged, have fun, and to think about how stressed or relaxed they are at work and how to deal with that”, she said. “Mindball fitted the bill perfectly as it is a fun, popular way to introduce stress recognition and management in a way that is not heavy-handed. It’s important that people don’t feel like they’re being tested and Mindball keeps the whole subject light.”

“People love playing Mindball – it’s fun, non-threatening and a great way to introduce the subject of stress at work.” Michaela Halse, Finlays

The 28 April event was structured to allow staff to book individual or team slots and soon took on its own momentum with Mindball challenges being issued and accepted across the office. “The Mindball screen actually shows your body reacting to stress in real time and you soon pick up what that feels like in the body”, said Michaela. “Pretty soon people were learning how to reduce and control stress, creating some great Mindball challenges as everyone became better and better at maintaining their calm.”

As well as Mindball, Finlays had laid on acupressure massage sessions for the event. What a great place to work! It was a great day and we were made to feel extremely welcome by a great team. Thank you Finlays.


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