5 steps to get the most from Mindball at an exhibition: CloudExpo 2016

We’re just back from CloudExpo 2016 at ExCel in London’s docklands, where Mindball was the hit of the show for data centre and network infrastructure provider Coretx as part of a “Cereball Challenge”.

Coretx chose Mindball for its proven ability to attract visitors to an exhibition stand and hold their attention long enough to start an intelligent conversation.  They aligned the promotion to Cortx’s marketing message with the lines: “Manage your mind – Connect to the ball – Protect your goal”.

We were providing a “manned operation” service level on this rental and were able to advise the Coretx sales team about how to get the most out their investment. We had a constant stream of Mindball players through the two days of the show and the sales team did a great job of converting these visitors into serious enquiries. Here’s how we did it:

  1. At the start of each day, as traffic in to the show was building, we made sure the sales team was playing Mindball all the time. This attracts visitors over to watch a game in progress. It also gets the team familiar with the game and better able to explain it to visitors.
  2. Allow these first visitors to watch a couple of games while explaining to them what they are seeing and how it works. This also provides a chance to qualify their needs at the show.
  3. Once they are truly intrigued, invite them to take part in a game.  Don’t go in too early with this invitation – they need to understand what is happening first.
  4. Scan their name badge and get them “logged” for the next game.
  5. Once they have played a game they must be logged out by one of the sales team to ensure they have understood the correct marketing message and to establish if there is a fit between their need and your offer.

Using this system Coretx produced a steady flow of qualified enquiries.


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