Eureka! Mindball works really well on TV

Mindball’s recent return from a TV shoot in Dublin is a reminder that its huge audience appeal is understood by producers internationally in this demanding medium.

The latest excursion into small screen coverage is for a new new Comedy-Science panel show called “Eureka! The Big Bang Query”, which will be aired on RTÉ2 in March or April. The format of the show, hosted by Neil Delamere, involves a weekly challenge based on scientific principles. Mindball provides one of these challenges.

This is not the first time Mindball has been chosen to appear on TV. The BBC incorporated Mindball into an entire series for children called Brainjitsu, which again involved setting challenges for the programme’s participants. In each programme eight children were given a series of brain exercises, followed by knock-out games to select the best performing competitor for that particular brain skill. Losing any round meant taking “the Walk of Eternal Regret” and taking no further part in the contest. The remaining players progressed to the next colour of karate belt challenge, with Mindball providing the final, “black belt” challenge – “the Table of Supreme Focus” – for the last two competitors.

Other UK appearances include Channel 5’s The Gadget Show (this for the Mindball Trainer – a single-player version of the game) and Channel 4 chat show The Paul O’Grady Show. The chat show format seems to work well for producers, with other examples from the USA with ABC’s Regis &Kelly Show and Canada’s CBC. Do let us know if you know of more examples.

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